Reasons to Use an Agency

Reasons to Use an Agency

A CIPD report showed that on average it takes 8.13 weeks to fill a vacancy at a cost in excess of £4,000. If you then include administrative time and lost productivity involved with the recruitment process, the cost is even higher. Only 9% of the companies who took part believed that a recruitment agency increased the cost of their recruitment spend.

Here are a few good reasons for using an agency like CCL.

Quick: particularly helpful to fill short-term contract posts - the agency will often have a highly relevant person immediately available.

Effectivesimilarly for industry roles or rare skills, the agency is likely to have a wide range of existing contacts that the client can leverage, rather than starting from scratch.

Flexibleif you are not sure if you should make a permanent hire, you can try candidates out first on a temporary basis.

Cost & Time Savingavoid the time of writing adverts, their cost in the media, and the need to repeat this if it does not work first time.

Cost saving & Less Riskavoid time and money processing irrelevant applicants, in particular if you are busy, and if you acknowledge each application; using an agency can reduce this to just 3-4 CVs as recommendation for interview.

Social Networking: in the early days of Social Networking sites the ability to contact potential candidates directly was tempting for hirers, but with so many people on them now, working one's way through them is as massive an exercise as advertising.

Temporary Staff: the agency will provide all payroll and PAYE services, avoiding you processing this, or taking on long term employment rights.

Outsourcing non-core operations: if you do not hire often, it is obviously more sensible to outsource the hiring process, rather than have permanent overhead sitting idle until you do hire.

HR Regulationslegislation governing recruitment is a minefield. The average cost of defending an employment tribunal is £10,000, making recruiting without the help of a professional very risky.

Pay As You Goin times of low hiring, is an expensive managed agency or Recruitment Process Outsourcing service necessary? Give them notice, and use an independent agency for Flexibility, Scalability and easy Budgeting!

Wider Ranging Skillsoften an agency can find candidates with far more skills than you originally perceived, for example a representative who speaks both Spanish and French, rather than hiring two people.

Market Salariesagencies prioritize candidates with less demanding salary requirements, saving clients year on year high salaries.

Ready to Startoften an agency will find a local candidate, already trained, with the right employment rights, for example avoiding relocation, training or immigration costs.

Expertiserely on a person who is an expert at sifting applicatoins, interviews, spotting relevant matches, and ideal candidates over poor hires.

Specialismonce the value of the agency process is understood, then which agency to choose is just as important - one that specializes in your industry, your roles, and your technologies. CCL is an expert at identifying and securing the most talented Engineers, Managers, Specialists and Project Professionals for Energy companies, EPC companies and consultancies.

Steer Clear of Irrelevant Applicantsoften clients who do their own recruitment may spend considerable time considering an applicant a specialist recruiter would have rejected long before, perhaps due to previous bad experience. It is even more important in difficult times to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong applicant.

Outstanding Candidatesby contrast when an outstanding candidate comes available, one that can make your business successful, a specialist recruiter will spot it immediately, where a client who does not hire regularly may miss this amongst the mass, and lose the candidate to a competitor.

Exclusive Candidates: often outstanding candidates will conduct all their job hunting through a specialist agency, which means if the client is not using that agency, they will completely pass on the chance to hire that ideal candidate.

All these reasons justify a recruitment fee, such that using an agency is regularly less expensive than doing it oneself, and more effective.

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